John Silberholz

John Silberholz

Lecturer in the MIT Sloan School of Management
77 Massachusetts Ave, Bldg E62-569
Cambridge, MA 02139

Graduate Education:
Ph.D. from MIT Operations Research Center
Advisor: Dimitris Bertsimas
Undergraduate Education:
Dual B.S. degrees from University of Maryland (C.S. and Math)

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I am a lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. My research interests involve data-driven decision making, especially in the healthcare space.


Mortality Prediction in Cancer Patients using Electronic Health Records: a Machine Learning Approach
Dimitris Bertsimas, Eddy Chen, Aymen Elfiky, Colin Pawlowski, John Silberholz, Alexander Weinstein, Ying Daisy Zhuo (2017)
(pdf) Optimal healthcare decision making under multiple mathematical models: Application in prostate cancer screening
Dimitris Bertsimas, John Silberholz, Tom Trikalinos (2016)
To appear in Health Care Management Science.
(pdf) An Analytics Approach to Designing Combination Chemotherapy Regimens for Cancer
Dimitris Bertsimas, Allison O'Hair, Stephen Relyea, John Silberholz (2016)
Management Science 62(5): 1511-1531.
Winner of the 2013 William Pierskalla Best Paper Award.
(pdf) Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Residents on Emergency Department Treatment Times
David Anderson, Bruce Golden, John Silberholz, Mike Harrington, Jon Mark Hirshon (2013)
IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering 3(3): 171-180.
(pdf) The Impact of the Residency Teaching Model on the Efficacy of the Emergency Department at an Academic Center
John Silberholz, David Anderson, Bruce Golden, Mike Harrington, Jon Mark Hirshon (2013)
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 47(3): 183-190.
What Works Best When? A Systematic Evaluation of Heuristics for Max-Cut and QUBO
Iain Dunning, Swati Gupta, John Silberholz (2017)
Comparison of Heuristics for the Colorful Traveling Salesman Problem
John Silberholz, Andrea Raiconi, Raffaele Cerulli, Monica Gentili, Bruce Golden, Si Chen (2013)
International Journal of Metaheuristics 2(2): 141-173.
Comparison of Metaheuristics
John Silberholz, Bruce Golden (2010)
Handbook of Metaheuristics (M. Gendreau and J. Potvin, eds.), Springer: 625-640.
The Effective Application of a New Approach to the Generalized Orienteering Problem
John Silberholz, Bruce Golden (2010)
Journal of Heuristics 16(3): 393-415.
Winner of the 2010 INFORMS Undergraduate Operations Research Prize.
Comparison of Heuristics for Solving the GMLST Problem
Yiwei Chen, Namrata Cornick, Andrew O. Hall, Ritvik Sahajpal, John Silberholz, Inbal Yahav, Bruce Golden (2008)
Proceedings of the 9th INFORMS Telecommunications Conference: 191-217.
The Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem: A New Genetic Algorithm Approach
John Silberholz, Bruce Golden (2007)
Proceedings of the 10th INFORMS Computing Society Conference: 165-181.
Tenure Analytics: Models for Predicting Research Impact
Dimitris Bertsimas, Erik Brynjolfsson, Shachar Reichman, John Silberholz (2015)
Operations Research 63(6): 1246-1261.
  Analytics Education
A Course on Advanced Software Tools for Operations Research and Analytics
Iain Dunning, Vishal Gupta, Angela King, Jerry Kung, Miles Lubin, John Silberholz (2015)
INFORMS Transactions on Education 15(2): 169-179.
  Computational Physics
(pdf) Black Hole Simulations with CUDA
Frank Herrmann, John Silberholz, Manuel Tiglio (2011)
GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition (W. Hwu, ed.), Morgan Kaufmann: 103-111.
(pdf) Statistical constraints on binary black hole inspiral dynamics
Chad Galley, Frank Herrmann, John Silberholz, Manuel Tiglio, Gustavo Guerberoff (2010)
Classical and Quantum Gravity 27(24): 245007.
Integrating Post-Newtonian Equations on Graphics Processing Units
Frank Herrmann, John Silberholz, Matias Bellone, Gustavo Guerberoff, Manuel Tiglio (2010)
Classical and Quantum Gravity 27(3): 032001.

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